ABC News Blatantly Dismissive Regarding Benghazi

I recently received an email from the founder and president of The Media Research Center, L. Brent Bozell III regarding the coverage or lack there of regarding the events that transpired in Benghazi September 11, 2012. I feel compelled to share this with my readers.

… ABC World News gave a dismissive 20 seconds of lip service to a blockbuster report that revealed State Department emails showing that the White House knew on September 11 that the Benghazi consulate attack was a terrorist attack.

The emails documented that within two hours of the attack, the State Department had told the Obama administration that an Islamic militant group had claimed credit for this terrorist attack. The revelation proves that President Obama and his spokesmen repeatedly lied to the American people. For days, falsely claiming it was a “video.”

The story broke Tuesday night on CBS Evening News. Since then, according to a Media ResearchCenter analysis, ABC has almost completely refused to report the email evidence, giving it a scant 25 seconds on Good Morning America and 20 seconds on World News yesterday.

Good Morning America skipped the story entirely this morning, but did commit nearly 2 minutes to the capture of a monkey in Florida.

In response, I just released the following public statement.

“Every other broadcast news network has produced at least one major story on the release of emails related to the attack in Benghazi that killed our ambassador and three other brave Americans. While not enough, in some cases, it’s something. From ABC News, it’s nothing.

“ABC is aiding and abetting the Obama administration’s cover-up of their deceitful response to the Benghazi terrorist attack. There is no bigger story than Obama’s Benghazi lie, and ABC, a so-called “news network”, has absolutely no excuse for hiding the truth from the American people.

“The questions are simple: what did President Obama know? And when did he know it? These emails prove that either Obama knew it was a terrorist attack and lied about it for weeks, or his administration is historically incompetent. Either way, it’s major news and demands more than mere seconds of total coverage from one of the three major broadcast networks

“ABC has been shielding Obama from the Benghazi fallout for weeks in order to help him win re-election, but the American people see right through it. Their corruption is as obvious as it is unforgiveable.”…..

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  1. jeepgrandcherokee

    “And the beat goes on”. Samo-samo crap from the destroyer of God bless America

  2. No surprise here, samo-samo from BHO & ABC

  3. Good post Erica.

  4. The lame stream media is still covering it up and giving this bum of a President protection. The media will continue to lie to the American people until we rise up and say ENOUGH!

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