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America Needs A Strong[er] Leader

Remember Rahm Emmanuel’s famous statement, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”? Apparently Obama either partially read that statement or chose to ignore it like he has the majority of the American people. This is apparent by the latest poll numbers coming from Rasmussen were he is tanking again with a -20%.
Qaddafi for weeks has been murdering his own, while the rebel’s that are trying to rid Qaddafi as their tyrant who is well known for this egregious act, are seen on news broadcast calling out to Obama for help. Other countries quickly condemned these acts and are in the process of calling for a “no fly zone.” Yet, Obama has taken his time with weak attempts from Sec. Clinton to demand humanitarian treatment of the people of Libya. Like previous protest that have occurred in the Middle East, Obama seems to be picking and choosing the ones he strongly supports. Only as of late has he come out and made statements in reference that Qaddafi needs to step down.
Obama, failing miserably with his foreign affairs etiquette and the mishap of him speaking out with support regarding the Wisconsin union protest doesn’t fair well with the majority of Americans.
The world seems to be in a tail spin as in the middle of what is already taking place across the globe, Japan is hit with a 8.9-9.0 earthquake which set off the tsunami that has left the country devastated and thousands unaccounted for. Yes, Obama did promise and he did deliver aid when it was called upon to help these people many that have ties within the continental United States. However, with all the turmoil we are facing now with the possibilities of a nuclear meltdown. Obama still finds time to hit a few balls out on the green! Imagine the outrage if President George W. Bush had gone golfing in the mist of the 9/11 terrorist attacks! The media and the progressives would have been foaming at the mouth trying to be heard by anyone with a microphone and a television crew!
America needs a LEADER not an appeaser, let’s just pray that we can hold strong, continue to support those in Japan that need our help by donating to the American Red Cross and hope that we are still here to vote Obama out in 2012.

Lally signs The Contract From America..Support Him Now and Bring Real Change To DC

In October of 2008 John Yarmuth (D-KY) made this statement,

We can’t change Washington unless we change the people we send there

These words ring true today as we face the mid-term elections and its time to send new people to Washington to replace the liberal elitist that are intent with changing the foundation of our country for years to come. This why it is of grave importance that we send Todd Lally to DC this November. Todd has signed the contract from America, by signing this contract Lally proves that he is willing to stand by the values and principles as set forth in the contract

Protect the Constitution
Reject Cap & Trade
Demand a Balanced Budget
Enact Fundamental Tax Reform
Restore Fiscal Responsibility & Constitutionally Limited Government
End Runaway Government Spending
Defund, Repeal, & Replace Government-run Health Care
Pass an ‘All-of-the-Above” Energy Policy
Stop the Pork
Stop the Tax Hikes

Monday June 28, 2010 a money bomb for Todd will start and I am calling for Patriots across this great nation to donate what you can for this man that has chosen to step up to serve our great nation once again, the first by serving her in the military and now defending her honor once again!
Any denomination is not too small…We need to bring real change back to our country and support those who are willing to be our voice and stand strong in resistance to the tyranny we now face…..


The race is on in Kentucky and Johnson is leading the Pack

Bill Johnson’s resume speaks for itself, he is not only a leader in business but has an extensive background in energy.

“While at GE, he was a corporate auditor and global information security manager. In addition to GE, Bill has worked for Kroll-O’Gara and Logical IT, both located in Cincinnati. Most recently, Bill was part of an international leadership team at BP, responsible for contracting and buying of over $1.2 billion of 3rd party goods and services. Throughout his career in business, Bill has cut costs, managed multi-million dollar budgets, led international teams, and delivered projects on time.
Bill’s military and business leadership has taken him to Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Panama, Belgium, India, and Canada. Through these travels, he has interacted with diverse cultures and witnessed first hand why America is the land of opportunity.”

There is a lot of mud being slung here in Kentucky, Rand Paul and Trey Grayson appear to be trying to co-opt themselves as being the only true crusaders for the coal industry. I find this somewhat amusing. Paul is a successful opthamologist while Grayson is your career politician. However, both men feel as though they have the expertise to speak out on this most important industry not only for Kentucky but for America as well as we continue to try to resolve the energy crisis in which we face.
Paul makes this erroneous claim while attempting to sling the mud against the Grayson campaign.

There is no candidate who will stand up for Kentucky’s Coal Industry more than Rand Paul.

David Adams [Paul’s campaign manager] continues with this jab at Grayson.

“So we feel like going forward, that this is a zero emission, um, process, and as where some of these coal fire plants are being phased out, we need to probably, we need to bring nuclear on,” Grayson said. “And from a cost effectiveness standpoint, uh, they’re much more cost effective just because the cost to make a clean coal plant is so expensive that nuclear becomes a viable option.”

This bit of mud slinging has prompted Johnson to release a news release, I was shocked to see that it was written about by one who seems to be backing his opponent. You can view the news release here.
So voter’s in Kentucky, I ask you, who would you trust in making informed decisions regarding the energy crisis we face? A doctor, career politician [more of what we already have in Washington] or one who actually is “informed” on the issue.
Support Bill Johnson now by sending donations here.

Kentucky Quick Facts
Kentucky ranks third in the Nation in coal production. It accounts for about one-tenth of U.S. coal production and nearly one-fourth of U.S. production east of the Mississippi River.
Nearly one-third of all the coal mines in the Nation are found in Kentucky.
Coal-fired plants typically generate more than nine-tenths of the electricity produced in Kentucky.
The majority of Kentucky’s natural gas is supplied by pipeline from the Gulf Coast

***News Flash*** Money Bomb For Bill Johnson of KY

Recently we’ve seen how effective the “money bombs” have worked for Sen.Scott Brown (R-MA). These tactics are being utilized in California, Florida and Texas to name a few. Now we in Kentucky are joining the cause to raise money for Bill Johnson to send him to Washington to be our voice and represent true conservative values and principles.

This coming week, starting Feb. 18th, the Conservative Political Action Conference will be held in Washington, DC. In honor of Conservatism and those who long to return the GOP to her Conservative roots we will Kick Off our MONEY BLAST this week, to run through February 27th

So I am asking that we continue the momentum that was set in Massachusetts back in January and donate whatever you can to take back our country and restore true conservative values and principles that we all hold dear.


H/T Conservative KY Gal

Kentucky Bill: Campaign in Full Speed Mode

I think that we can most assuredly say,
Bill Johnson’s campaign is full speed underway.
As a combat Naval officer he knows just what to do,
To protect and defend this nation for me and for you.
You can get his personally recorded US Constitution on-line,
And listen for yourself to his Reagan conservative bottom line.
You see, it’s the citizens’ owners manual, the seeds of our liberties’ tree.
The Bill of Rights comes directly next and is for our Democracy a written lifetime warranty.
His opponents scoff, they snarl, they even stomp and whine,
For they know sure enough in their hearts,
The will never live up to the Johnson straight Constitutional line

There was a debate this past Saturday in McCracken County in Kentucky that featured three of the top contenders for the retiring senate seat of Sen.Jim Bunning. From all the feed-back that I have received Bill Johnson’s campaign has turned it up a notch and is now bringing on the heat! He is up against Dr. Rand Paul and Secretary of State Trey Grayson. Paul is a Libertarian that is co-opting the Tea Party movement claiming to support smaller government, less taxes etc. but clearly is only trying to bring to Kentucky what his father Ron Paul tried to do in the ’08 presidential elections and the citizens of Kentucky are far smarter than given credit for. Having personally been attacked by members of the Campaign for Liberty by merely asking that my name be removed on their mailing list!
I wasn’t able to attend the debate but have been kept informed with comments and emails about how Johnson stood firm on his conservative platform, holding proudly the Constitution. This, for me, resonates; HONOR-DUTY-COUNTRY three very strong characteristics I look for when selecting a candidate to support.
There was a lot of rumbling throughout the state by one site or another but I suggest you read “Paul, Grayson snipe at each other“, the comments are actually better than the post itself and is a good indicator of the sign of the times here in the Kentucky political scene. My all time favorite comment on my site about this event has should be shared once again, it pertains to the “whining” and “foot-stomping” of one Rand Paul…

Let’s describe the opening shall we…Announcer, First opening statement will be Dr. Rand Paul. Then Secretary of State Trey Grayson followed by Bill Johnson.

Dr. Paul opens, Whaahh! I am a Pro Life supporter! Whahhh! I am too a Reagan Conservative. I want an apology Whahh!
Let’s get real here people is this the level of Paul’s pain threshold in the political arena? This guy is moaning like a little twit! Like we need another cry baby in the US Senate.
Mr. Grayson, Opened with a standard opening and didn’t whine.
Mr. Johnson. Opened with a standard intro as well not whining or pouting either!

Back to Dr. Paul, He rudely coughed into his mic during Mr. Johnson’s time to comment without saying so much as excuse me or I am very sorry. Again plain rude.
Through out the Debate Dr. Paul carried himself poorly, rolling his eyes, leaning against the lectern shifting positions regularly. All while the others candidates stood politely not displaying any body language indicating their wish too be elsewhere as did Dr. Paul. At the end Dr. Paul could only be described as having “Tursely given his fellow Senate candidates a brief hand shake and then almost tripping over himself to exit the stage to the waiting arms of one would presume too be his mother given his cry baby outbursts.
Bill Johnson is the stand out winner in this debate, no matter if you counted signs going out the door or the applause meter or if you listened and watched these three candidates present their case for why they should get your vote.
I was impressed with Grayson, even though I have said on more than a few occasions I would not vote for him for anything. He reeks if the establishment. Last night I changed my opinion of Trey a little. For you Rand Paul Fans I was in that camp last Summer and part of the fall. I am looking for the best man for the US Senate not an image.
At end let me describe where the candidates decided too be. Paul and Grayson where in the auditorium with a few big supporters and the members of whatever press were there. Not the everyday folks. As the majority of people were leaving Bill Johnson was out in the “lobby” pressing the flesh and talking to the people. It was a great day for Bill Johnson

So I strongly urge you to get involved and donate what ever you can to support Johnson’s efforts. This can done by simply donating $5.00-$10.00 what ever you can to ensure that our true conservative values are truly represented not only for Kentucky but for all of America as well. You can send your donations here.
Photo credits to Michael Brown

Bill Johnson: Reagan’s Message Resonates

Today marks the anniversary of Ronald Reagan‘s birth, he would have turned 99 yrs old today. Reagan’s message continues to thrive as candidates such as Johnson continues to live by the very principles and values of this great American. Less intrusion in our lives by our government. Less taxes, strong military defense. Reagan once made a prolific statement that remains true today..

the right to make our own decisions and the right to decide our own destiny

Bill Johnson is making a great impact on the voter’s of Kentucky, he is gaining strength, support not only from the citizens of our great state but from those across the nation as Bill’s message resonates with true conservatives. Recently he attended a rally at Spencer County, here in Kentucky and reading messages like this only makes one thing certain; his message is being heard.

canNOT wait til May 18th, when this State and the nation will once
again realize that it’s NOT $$, big names or political clout that wins
elections and moves our country towards the right kind of ‘change’.

It’s informed, passionate principled voters who ‘connect’ with
informed, passionate and principled leaders! Of course, hard work,
integrity and character weigh in too!

GO BILL! GO KENTUCKY! I am so excited in my heart………about this
GRASS AT IT’S ROOTS CAMPAIGN, and what it means for our state and
nation. And, for our children and grandchildren, etc.!

Today February 6, 2010 a News Release for Bill Johnson For U.S. Senate related.


ELKTON — The Bill Johnson for U.S. Senate campaign received the following poll results. Shamrock Polling conducted the statewide poll for an undisclosed client. Questions regarding the poll can be directed to Persistence Consulting (persistenceconsulting@gmail.com). The Johnson for U.S. Senate campaign did not pay for or participate in this poll. The results are consistent with internal polling done by the campaign.

We asked 1,257 likely republican voters the following questions:

“Who are you planning on voting for US Senate in the republican primary on May 18th?”

Trey Grayson 27%
Bill Johnson 23%
Rand Paul 21%
Undecided 29%

We then asked are you strongly, moderately, or leaning towards your candidate?

Rand Paul 7% 27% 66%
Bill Johnson 72% 21% 7%
Trey Grayson 52% 14% 34%

Margin of Error 4.5%

So take note, Bill Johnson is gaining momentum in one of Kentucky’s most exciting political races! Visit his site, join his special forces and donate here. Bill Johnson is truly a man of HONOR-DUTY-COUNTRY

Scott Brown Keeping America Safe

Scott Brown is strong on national defense, taking a strong stance against trying the terrorist that are trying to attack our country in our Federal Courts. He is our chance to stop Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in passing the Obama-Care that so many of Americans oppose. We are coming down to the wire and time is running short. Brown has raised more than 1 million dollars in one day! Help him keep the momentum going by donating here. Join the Veterans and support Brown to be our 41st vote!