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When the Media is Absent, We The People Will Remember Our Troops

Today being Monday I thought I’d renew a tradition I had started a few years ago. As most of you on Twitter knows on Monday we pay special tribute to our men and women serving our country in various branches of our Military. I received an email yesterday that rekindled my desire for another tribute to our troops. It spoke volumes of how as we as a society have digressed. I ask each of you that reads the names of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice; that you remember them and their families in your thoughts and prayers…The email:


Whitney Houston 48, a star who may have died of a drug overdose

Charlie Sheen is 45 and his story is all over the news because he is a substance abuser, an adulterer, seually promiscuous and obnoxious.

Lindsay Lohan is 24 and her story is all over the news because she is a celebrity drug addict and thief.

Something as frivolous as Kim Kardashian’s stupid wedding [and short-lived marriage] was shoved down our throats, while……..

Justin Allen 23
Brett Linley 29
Matthew Weikert 29
Justus Bartett 27
Dave Santos 21
Jesse Reed 26
Matthew Johnson 21
Zachary Fisher 24
Brandon King 23
Christopher Goeke 23
and Sheldon Tate 27…

Are all Marines that gave their lives last month for you. There is no media for them; not even a mention of their name.

So today as we begin our work week and life continues to challenge us in every way possible…take time out to say thank you to a soldier..a veteran…For we owe each and every one of them so much more than we can ever repay…

#SOT ..Supporting Our Troops…it’s the American tradition…

The New Age Lynching Of Herman Cain

I am at peace with God,myself and my wife..and she is at peace with me

Herman Cain made this statement yesterday in Atlanta as he announced he was suspending his campaign for the GOP nomination.

Cain decided to enter this race because he was fed up with what he had seen coming from politicians over the past forty years. It was the fact that he wasn’t a part of the beltway insiders that attracted me. One of my favorite things I’ve heard from Cain is his statement about the politicians and “how has that been working for you.”

The establishment pundits were quick to point out that he had held no political office, wasn’t ready to take on such a job as being president. Just as it was clear that our media, like The Fox News Channel, thought it was their place to dictate to us who to support. Their constant barrage of stories on Romney made it clear who their choice was and viewer be damned if you didn’t agree. Much to their dismay it is we the people who make this decision. Fox’s mission statement of being “fair and balanced” has been anything but.

It was after winning the Florida Straw poll that Cain’s message and his “Cain Train” soon began picking up steam. Raising Cain’s name recognition, enabling for his message to resonate with the people brought him from the bottom of the polls to leading in most.

Once leading in the polls this only brought about the proverbial magnifying glass that so many candidates are exposed too. It was shortly after this that Gloria Alred jumped at the chance to champion the cause to destroy a man’s character and possibly his chances of winning the GOP nomination. Allred represented Sharon Bialek and soon after several more women decided they too would follow suit and make baseless, unfounded accusations as well. All claims were vehemently denied by Cain.

I expected that the liberals would be quick to attack Cain, however I wasn’t ready for the negative, often rude, crude tweets that I read on twitter. There is no perfect candidate and everyone has a right to support the ones who mirror their personal views. This is what makes America great, that we actually have the freedom to express ourselves with out reprecussions.

With the many accusations coming out against Cain many women didn’t buy into the sleazy baseless accusations and formed Women for Herman Cain to show support not only to himself but that of his wife of forty-three years.

I do believe that it was the latest woman, Ginger White that was the final straw in bringing Cain to suspend his campaign.

Cain has made it clear from the very start that he was doing this for his family, to be able to give his grandchildren a better world in which to grow up in. My heart and prayers go out to the Cain family for all they have had to endure with regards to the egregious, slanderous assaults on a husband of forty-three years and a father of two children and the grandfather of three.

This morning while listening to the pundits on Fox, I heard one saying that suspending the campaign doesn’t necessarily take him out of the race. Money can still be donated, support doesn’t necessarily have to go to another candidate like so many are speculating. This however is for Cain and his family to decide.

I do know that we haven’t seen the last of Herman Cain. I will be keeping him and his family in my prayers as they attempt to regain some normalcy to their lives. It is time for those of us who idenify with true conservative values not to act like many of our counterparts on the left by lashing out with rude and crude comments against those still in the running for the nomination. Doing so we only give fuel to the fire of the left and shows that we are weak maybe even frail in our attempt to make Barack Obama a one term president.

Like I said, Cain may have suspended the campaign for now but he is certainly not going away!

H/T Daily Rant Women For Cain

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Remembering Our Troops……..

0611BackwardsPatch It is crucial now that we remember the men and women serving our country in Afghanistan, especially for the upcoming days as they are set to hold their elections. Terrorist’s are actively trying to hinder the elections and many of our brave souls could be facing danger. Remember them as the brave, the fearless and the selfless as they are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom and liberty.
You may be wondering why the flag is backwards on his sleeve, many of you in the Military most likely know.

This flag is symbolic of the men who used to march into battle with an actual flag. So steady and strong that the flag would blow behind them. On the arms of our soldiers, the flag faces as if being carried into battle, blowing behind them

So as they go into battle with the flag on their shoulders be proud of our heritage, be proud to be protected by the greatest Military force in the world. Please keep them in your hearts and prayers. Take time to send them a card or letter or you can send them packages. There are many great ways to show them your support and many great sites that you can visit to get hints, ideas and needs of our soldiers. One small way to also help is to click on the widget located near the bottom of the page. It is sponsored body gloveand with each click on the widget they will donate money to help veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war. Its quick, its free! Please support our troops and their families….

~God Bless Our Military and the USA~